Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Ms. Danielle Muscato

   Is this a joke?
   I honestly can't tell. It could be an attempt to reductio the ad libitum conception of sex. Or Muscato could be serious. It's getting harder and harder to tell.
   At any rate, I'm just going to complain about the same old kinda thing again: Muscato can live his life however he wants, and, in general, more freakin' power to him. Apparently Danielle (nee Dan) has declared himself female...or something like that...  And, of course, he's free to say that, and even to think it. (Politically free, that is. Morally/epistemically speaking, he's lying to himself. But I'm not worried about such niceties.) His friends are free to say that he's a woman...hell, strangers are free to do so if they like. Everybody's free to! Saying false shit is not against the law, barring special circumstances.
   But he isn't a woman. Muscato is...a guy.
   And facts are stubborn things.
   And here's the Kafkaesque predicament we find ourselves in: one must commonly now--in the circles folks like us tend to move in--be prepared for accusations of bigotry for refusing to go along with a patent delusion. In Canada, as we know, bill C-16 seems on a trajectory to make failure to participate in such delusions illegal. There are already bits of legislation in NYC and DC that seem to do something similar.
   And a very large number of people seem to be just going along with this as if it didn't matter--as if it were permissible for the government to make you say false things (or: things that presuppose false things), so long as you don't care all that much about the issue.
   Sometimes I just don't get people, man.
   When did liberals become such fucking soft totalitarians?


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