Monday, December 05, 2016

Michael Grunwald: "The Victory of 'No'"

   Most of this, about the GOP's unrelenting anti-Obama obstructionism, you already know. 
   But there's also:
One conservative Republican congressman who actually supported Trump’s candidacy told me his office was deluged with furious callers after he once dared to criticize Trump during the campaign. He called back one woman in her sixties who owned a vacation home in his district and had donated to his campaigns. He said the chat turned ugly in a hurry, until she said she had just three things to say to him. 
“First: Go fuck yourself. Second: I’m going to raise $75,000 to find a primary challenger to take you out. And third: Go fuck yourself.”
The congressman thought that would be the end of it, but the woman then went on Facebook and posted an account of their conversation, along with his cell phone number. For the next several weeks, Trump supporters called him at all hours to repeat his donor’s first and third recommendations.“I’m telling you, the demons have been unleashed,” the congressman told me. “And they’re not going away."


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