Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Jerry Coyne on Postcolonial Yogurt Studies

I mean...this sort of thing is risible and all...but it's also a serious matter that deserves serious, pointed ridicule. It's not serious enough to warrant a serious, detailed refutation...it's already a reductio of itself, anyway. But this sort of bullshit is kinda not a joke. It's a cult of bullshit, and it's rampant in contemporary academia. It's not just speculative or obscure--it's bullshit. We need to let a hundred (or thousand, or whatever the hell that quote is) flowers bloom in academia...but this really is unadulterated nonsense. As a good friend of mine is wont to say: I could crap a better paper than that. People in real disciplines need to be more up-front about ridiculing and shooting down nonsense like this. This bullshit is sucking in clueless undergraduates and wasting valuable resources. People are, of course, free to write what they wanna write...but we're free...in fact we have a duty...to call bullshit on bullshit.


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