Thursday, December 08, 2016

Carolina 83-Davidson 74

   Good game Wildcats, good game Heels.
   Love me some Davidson. Their double-teams on our bigs was tough.
   The bench was clutch for the Heels, Luke Maye was crucial, and Jackson was freaking awesome. It was kind of disheartening--no offense to Davidson--to see Carolina have such trouble with a mid-major team (and in the Dean Dome, no less). OTOH, we were missing two starters...and, again, we saw that we have enough weapons that, even when most of them are out or off, another can still catch fire and save our bacon.
   The Carolina that looked unnaturally well put-together early in the season is no longer in evidence...but it's that tie of year when Roy experiments with line-ups. And, again: no Pinson, no Berry.


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