Saturday, December 17, 2016

Banana Republicanism In NC

   This sounds like the GOP's basic M.O.: blatantly, radically shredding the informal norms that make democracy possible in exchange for short-term partisan gains...and, when challenged, claiming that, y'know, Democrats have done a few things that are vaguely similar once or twice. In, like...the past.
   I'm not really familiar with the cases they're appealing to. I'm willing to admit error here, but I'll bet the cases won't be genuinely comparable.
   The great Democratic sin that, IMO, touched off this insanity in the GOP was the fight over the Indiana (or "Bloody") 8th... So Dems aren't above this sort of thing...and there's simply no excuse for that incident. But the GOP response (if it can even be characterized as that) has been radically disproportionate.


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