Monday, November 14, 2016

Hate-Crime-Wave in Trump's Amerikkka!

Yeah, no.
I'm telling you right now that most of those stories are fake.
I didn't even read them carefully. It's not that I identified subtle contradictions that tipped me off to their falsehood.
It's that I don't even have to read this stuff carefully anymore. By induction, we've got good reason to tentatively conclude that most of it is fake.
And the stuff that's not obviously fake largely seems to be kids.
(Which is bad...but it's kind of a different kettle of fish.)
I mean, some may be for real, and not just stupid kids. But you do realize that the left has a penchant for--and extensive history of--making this shit up, right? You need to realize that a very large percentage of reports like this are just flat-out fabricated. And elections, it seems to me, cause hoax spikes.
Also: there's no reason for Trump supporters to up their "hate-crime" game right now, after a Trump victory.'s the perfect time for lefties to go into hate-crime hoax overdrive.
And I'm committing myself to this hypothesis in front of God and everybody: that's mostly what's going on right now.


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