Thursday, November 10, 2016

*Defective Democrats* Hypotheses Can Only Partially Explain Trump

   Note that Defective Democrats hypotheses, including the Out Of Touch Democrats hypothesis can explain some things and not others. They can help explain why the Democrats are so surprised and baffled by the Trump phenomenon, of course, and help explain why Clinton lost to Trump. But--importantly, it seems to me--they can't explain why Trump won the primaries.
   There were a lot of perfectly serviceable Republicans available in the GOP primaries. In fact, I think, they were all pretty much ok other than Trump, weren't they? Well, Cruz is horrible, but he doesn't seem to be crazy nor criminal nor incompetent. But the rest...they...well...actually Santorum is nutty. I forgot about him. And Carson is...a bit slow or something. Christie turned out to be a crook--but we weren't all that sure about it at the time. And Huck is Huck of course. But look that leaves Bush and Jindal and Fiorina and Kasich and Little Marco and my personal favorite Lindsey Graham who...God...I'd kill to swap Trump out for. Even Rand Paul, if you want to count him as a real contender. But no. The real puzzle here is that the GOP selected the very worst candidate from that bunch. Sure, Carson has no clue, but he doesn't have psychological problems. Christie is a crook, but not a serial quasi-rapist.
   Aw screw it.
   Time to start taking bets on what excuses the GOP is going to generate when Trump screws the pooch--how is that going to be the Dems' fault? is the next interesting question.


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