Saturday, November 19, 2016

Bannon: Trump Greatest Orator Since William Jennings Bryan

   Uh...I'm trying to think of a way to make "crucified on a cross of stupid" work out to be even vaguely apt...but it's just not going to work.
   Anyway, Bannon's "darkness" point is hard to make out, but it's almost certainly not what CNN seems to be trying to make it mean. It's something like: when people who are confused think that you're the bad guys, that's ok. Liberals will try to twist this into: Bwahahahaha eeeevil is good!
   Anyway: you have got to be stupid on stupid to think that Trump is anything other than pathetic as an "orator." In fact, you've got to be utterly out of touch with reality to think that he's an orator at all. You've got to meet certain minimal standards of non-shittiness to even be called an orator. Trump is a guy who talks in front of groups. He is not, and will never be, an orator, great or otherwise.
   As for non-oratorical comparisons between Trump and Bryan...well, I have no idea how to sort all that out.
   Jesus. Trump is going to be President.
   Somebody just f*cking shoot me.


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