Sunday, November 20, 2016

Another Indeterminate "Hate Crime": Swastikas at Adam Yauch Park

Maybe yes, maybe no.
   As an actual "hate crime," this is pretty shit. Basically the last thing you want to do if you're a Trump supporter is link him to the Nazis. I'd think it'd be kind of a tough call even if you were a neo-Nazi and a Trump supporter. I mean, why not letcher boy do his thing, unencumbered by any associations to Nazism? Obviously you might want to scream it from the rooftops...but then again you might not want to. But if you're a lefty who wants to pump up the anti-Trump hysteria. you could hardly do better--if we're talking low-cost, low-risk operations--than to just paint 'Trump' and a swastika and run away. 
   But, of course, this could be for real.
   In which case: they go clockwise, dumbass. 
   I mean, even an illiterate Aryan Nation troglodyte ought to know how to spray-paint a credible swastika. Just sayin'.
   Anyway, I'm skeptical but obviously not convinced that it's a hoax.  But the media is counting all of these ambiguous/indeterminate incidents as pro-Trump "hate crimes," when the plain fact of the matter is: we don't know how many are straight and how many are hoaxes.
   Though if it is for real...may the vengeful spirit of MCA hunt your ass down put the hurt on you, you Nazi m*therf*cker,


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