Friday, October 14, 2016

Trump, Slipping In Polls, Warns of "Stolen Election"

At the NYT.
   Y'know, I don't want to get dragged down in the mud with Trump...but, honestly, exactly one party of the two major ones has, fairly recently, exhibited a willingness to steal a Presidential election...  They didn't steal it...but really only because Bush did, in the end, seem to get more votes than Gore. But "in the end" means, months after the election, when newspapers actually counted them. At the time when the Bush/Cheney campaign was engaged in sophistry and dirty tricks, it was not clear who had won. So their attempt to circumvent the process was the moral and political equivalent of stealing the election...though, unbeknownst to them, they had actually won.'s pretty goddamn infuriating for the GOP candidate to accuse the Democrats of stealing an election...not to mention that that accusation comes during an election in which the Democratic candidate leads by something like 4-7 points...
   Trump is a piece of shit...but this has been the GOP strategy for something like 20 years now: burn trust in the system to fuel your campaigns. It's like spending your million times worse...
   It was Rush Limbaugh that started this bullshit, IMO.
   Also: I'm getting a little worried about HRC's well-being in rather the same way I was worried about Obama's for the first three years or so of his first term... Tell people someone is destroying the country enough times and somebody might eventually believe you.


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