Monday, October 10, 2016

Trump And A Sneak Attack On Mosul

   I'm not going to complain a lot about that embarrassing shitshow of a second debate, but I will complain about Trump's stunning ignorance manifesting itself in those dumbass assertions about Patton and the need to launch a "sneak attack" on Mosul. Look, obviously I'm no expert and I could be wrong, but...(a) if attacking Mosul without warning were an option, we'd be doing it...but (b) it just doesn't in any way seem to be an option. It's not always possible to misdirect the enemy. It's fairly common for both sides to know where the next attack needs to happen. And this is one of those cases. How exactly is it that we're supposed to coordinate U.S., Iraqi and Kurdish forces and keep everything secret? Having Iraqi forces involved in any way means that ISIL is going to pretty much know what's up. "Let's just have a sneak attack!" is a bit like "Let's just drop everybody in by parachute!" It sounds like an option...if you don't have the foggiest idea what you're talking about.
   Furthermore, Customary International Humanitarian Law indicates that the population should be warned if you attack a civilian target. (via...I don't remember where...).
   That having been said, I thought one of the cringiest moments of the debate was when Martha Raddatz started arguing against Trump on that point, floundering around for some kind of explanation...e.g. something something "psychological warfare"...  I do realize that it would be very difficult to be perfectly objective as a moderator when one of the participants is a dangerous lunatic...but that was pretty bad. I'm sure it was one of those cases in which every sane person knew that Trump was just being a moron, but no one knew exactly why. Hard to just keep your mouth shut...but that's the moderator's job. That was part of a stretch in which it really did seem, as Trumpo himself said, like it was three on one. There was just enough of that sort of thing, I thought, to give him plausible deniability with respect to his own assholery.
   Well, really finally: was it just me, or was he acting kinda crazy with respect to moving around on the stage. It was really disconcerting me, and I finally realized that, if I were around a dude acting like that, I'd be going to yellow alert and keeping an eye on him. There was just something weird about it. Was he trying to physically intimidate Clinton? I couldn't tell from the camera angles on CNN.


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