Thursday, October 13, 2016

Title IX Follies: Wesley College Edition

   So...brace yourselves...Wesley College in Delaware treated a male student accused of sexual something-or-other so unjustly...that the Department of Education OCR actually ruled against the college. How insanely Kafkaesque does your treatment of someone have to be for that to happen? Well, for example, you apparently have to charge them even though the accusers tell you that he wasn't involved, fail to tell him of the charges, spring a surprise judicial hearing on him when he thinks he's merely going for a routine visit to re-education camp, refuse to show him the evidence against him, and give him no time to present a defense. That's what it takes.
   Of course none of this should be happening at all. Title IX has nothing to do with such things, there are no issues of "equity" in's all utter madness. But here we are. People at the DoE have decided to push a liberal / PC agenda. They know what outcomes they want. And they're obviously misusing a law to get them. Neither the actual purpose of the law nor its letter make it suitable...but that isn't stopping them. To the extent that this is permitted, we can no longer say that we are a country of laws and not men. When the law is treated as if it were a poem to be interpreted however those charged with enforcing it prefer to interpret it, it might as well not exist at all. We might as well just give the enforcers the power to act by fiat.

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