Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Trump "Grab 'em..." Tape...Now That We Know He Means It

   Man, I saw that Trump "Grab 'em" tape for the first time since it's become clear that he was, in fact, literally describing his actions, and not merely engaged in boorish bullshitting. Always before I was basically concluding that there was virtually no chance that he was literally and accurately describing his past actions. If you haven't listened to it since we came to know that this was what he was doing, you ought to. Always before my mind was in a kind of superposition of states between this guy needs the world's biggest ass-kicking and he is bullshitting. Seen against the background of our current knowledge, the epistemic wave-function collapses. Without the second alternative to bleed off the rage, that tape will send you through the roof. But it also yields clear and unequivocal knowledge of that guy's awfulness. I mean, I'm sure that seeing the tape is unavoidable, so I'm not sure what my point is. And those who were already sure that Trump was being serious, of course, have already had the experience. I just don't think I've ever heard anyone basically describing their sexual assault M.O. before. And now that I know that this is, in fact, what he's It just about pegs the rage-o-meter. Trump is a loathsome, disgusting, repulsive, evil human being. Give me goddamn Nixon before this guy, and I'm not kidding. This guy is a rapist in spirit--if possibly not technically in fact--but even that remains to be seen, as it turns out.
   Well, this isn't going anywhere that everybody else hasn't already gone, or won't go soon.


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