Thursday, October 13, 2016

I Believe Trump's Accusers

    Though innocent until proven guilty is actually a legal principle, it's also a decent moral one. Especially with respect to accusations of sexual assault in the current climate that (a) promotes them and (b) "valorizes" accusers and (c) largely considers men guilty until proven innocent.
   But listen, you: I've done my time...I've done my duty, I'd say...with respect to trying to be objective about Trumpo the Clown...
   And I just believe these women. I just believe them. Their stories have the ring of truth about them. I'm not passionately devoted to their veracity nor any such thing. But I absolutely believe them.
   So, wrongly or rightly, that's where I am, FWIW, which obviously isn't very much...but it's also, I'd say, not nothing.


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