Monday, October 10, 2016

Debate 2

   Craziest part: Trump threatens to go Nixon on Clinton if he wins, and interfere with his own DoJ to make them investigate her.
   The bananarepublicification of the U.S. could be just around the corner.
   Trumpo again showed that he knows exactly nothing about both foreign and domestic, again, he just made a bunch of shit up...
   But he didn't crap his pants on national television, and he didn't physically attack I think we'd have to say that he exceeded expectations. Clinton actually knows things, but, of course, that doesn't matter.
   The nutty pre-debate press conference with the largely discredited Clinton accusers was...well...totally cracked. It really threw off the CNN talking heads. They were totally freaking.
   Anyway, CNN numbers seem to say that Clinton is a big winner again.  Hope that's right.


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