Thursday, October 13, 2016

Anti-Trump Stupidity

   So, as I said, JQ has gotten me into the bad habit of watching cable news sometimes. Argh. The stupid, it buuuurns.... So Trump announces that he's "unshackled," right? Soon thereafter, there's Don Lemon and some bozo on CNN talking about how 'shackles' is a reference to slavery... Which, as I don't need to tell you, is RACIST!!! Somehow. I don't know. Two steps into make-believe and I can't keep track of it anymore. (And let me say that I kinda like Don Lemon. He seems like a nice guy. He's earnest.) Then they wondered whether maybe Trump had said this intentionally to "draw liberals out" and make them say it was racist...oh, God, I don't know...something like: to make them play the race card in order to bolster the myth--and it's totally a myth--that liberals play the race card all the time...
   Trump is double disastrous. He's not only fanning the flames of insanity on the right, he's fanning them on the left as well. Someone on the left or other is always indiscriminately slapping the racist, misogynist or x-phobic sticker on something or other. Liberals seem barely able to see it, but it really seems to leap out at conservatives. Liberals might charge that conservatives are equally blind to actual racism etc...and perhaps they are. I'm not sure. But that doesn't make liberals' irrationality any more rational. And I hate counterproductivity arguments...but damn, can anyone say with a straight face that the torrent of irrational accusations from the left isn't hurting their cause?


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