Friday, September 30, 2016

USA Today Anti-Endorses Trump / Endorses Non-Trump

   I really could not have said it better myself.
   Trump is unfit to be secretary of biting my ass, much less President of the United States of America. I am very concerned about the direction of the country, in particular about some of the extremist anti-liberal actions of the Department of Education and the Justice Department. And I'm so concerned about a liberal court at this point that, God help me, I actually might even prefer a randomly-selected non-Scalia Republican appointee right now... I really can't believe I just typed those words...  I mean, I really, really can't believe it. But--as I guess goes without saying again--Trump is nowhere close to being a viable option. Electing Trump would be a reductio of the very idea of America.
   Well, I've got nothing of any real interest to say on this score. You can only say that that guy is a stupid jackass in so many different ways.
   Here's something else I never thought I'd see myself type: Nice work USA Today!


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