Thursday, September 15, 2016

Lionel Shriver's Address On "Cultural Appropriation" Roils

Remember, kids, there's no such thing as political correctness...:
Officials in charge of an Australian writers festival were so upset with the address by their keynote speaker, the American novelist Lionel Shriver, that they publicly disavowed her remarks. 
Links to her appearance were also temporarily unavailable on the festival website, leading supporters of Ms. Shriver to complain of censorship, but festival officials said it was only a technical malfunction on their website, which was repaired later. 
The event, the Brisbane Writers Festival, which ended Sunday, also hurriedly organized counterprogramming, billed as a “right of reply” for critics of Ms. Shriver, whose speech belittled the movement against cultural appropriation. They scheduled the rebuttal opposite a session Saturday afternoon in which Ms. Shriver was promoting her new novel, “The Mandibles.”
   So...they ad hoc invented a "right of reply" to someone who said something inconsistent with far-left insanity. Not conservative even...but relatively centrist, and entirely consistent with ordinary, non-stupid liberalism. They put together a whole panel on it. They took her talk down off the site. And they officially disavowed her comments.
   Look, I know I may be a bit too agitated about this's always possible that I'm the crazy one... But this really does seem like utter insanity to me. How bad does this stuff have to get before the average liberal in the street is willing to criticize it? How bad, incidentally, does it have to get before we stop seeing articles asserting that it doesn't exist? Or that it's nothing more than ordinary politeness?


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