Thursday, August 25, 2016

What Is The Alt-Right?

   The left throws around the 'racist' epithet so indiscriminately that I tend to ignore it anymore. But Michelle Goldberg is reasonable, and basically nothing here sounds good. I've not read Milo saying such things, and he's the only guy I know of who I think would be categorized as "alt-right"...but anyway...not good.
   OTOH, I suspect a certain amount of liberal hyperbole and misrepresentation. I think it should be expected that people will react against irrational liberal pieties...that's what always happens with irrational pieties... When everything is racist and racism is the worst possible sin, a sin of inestimable magnitude...people are going to start pushing back. Or poking back, anyway. And that's usually going to take the form of humor and insolence. Hell, I think leftier liberals and the PC left are hilarious / disgusting, and that their attitudes about racism are commonly over the top and, consequently, ripe for ridicule. That's not constitutive of racism. The fault for such ridicule lies with those who have elevated racism to the status of Super Sin. It's worse than murder! Worse than genocide! Worse than...everything! My evil father is a racist POS. I grew up hating racism with every fiber of my being. But the contemporary clown show is too much even for me. Between the desperate virtue signalling and the actually sincere beliefs that even the tiniest infelicities with respect to race are moral crimes of incaculable's just not possible to resist the urge to farble the lefties. And I'm sure that's the sort of thing that's up with many on the "alt-right."
   But, as Goldberg shows, that's not all that's up with them, unfortunately.


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