Thursday, August 11, 2016

Trump: Obama Is Literally The Founder Of ISIS

   So...I was going to complain about making a big deal out of Trump's (bullshit) line that Obama is the "founder of ISIS." Meh, I was going to say, cut it out you liberals. It's just a stupid slogan. It's not meant literally. Yes, it's idiotic. But...
   But the thing is, Hugh Hewitt tried to make this point, but Trump shut him down and seemed to insist that he actually, literally means that Obama is the founder of ISIS...
   Of course our innate propensity to employ a principle of interpretive charity makes it almost impossible to accept brain still wants to read the claim non-literally...but Trump does seem to be insisting that he means it literally...
   That guy...he's a goddamned idiot. He's starting to seem completely divorced from reality. Or maybe he just doesn't believe that words have meanings. I really can't tell. Maybe he is insane. I really can't rule that out at this point.


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