Thursday, August 18, 2016

Tom Nichols: How The P.C. [Thought?] Police Propelled Donald Trump

   Not sure how much of a factor this was...but I do suspect that it was a factor. I mean, P.C. (or "social justice"-ism, or whatever) is very, very bad. And it drips (or shrieks) with disdain for all who disagree with it. Trump is the only candidate speaking out against this. Liberals are largely either on board with P.C., indifferent or ambivalent to it, or silent about it out of groupthink and/or fear of "shaming." Obama has spoken out against it, but, honestly, not a lot. I thought what he said was very pointed and right on the mark...but, though a word to the wise may be sufficient, a word to the loons is not.
   As I've said, I suspect that Trump will make the P.C. problem worse--it's firmly ensconced in the cultural salients controlled by liberals, and anything Trump likes will be anathema to most liberals for a long, long time. Nevertheless, he's basically right--perhaps accidentally so, perhaps not--about the PC problem. I say "basically" because I'm not sure he's really right about anything other than  PC: bad I'm not even sure he knows what it is. He indiscriminately labels anything left of conservatism as PC, which isn't even close to being right. And that's another way in which he's helping them out--he's reinforcing the myth that PC is just ordinary liberalism. (Contrast this with Obama's very pointed remarks against the very heart of PC-dom).


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