Sunday, August 14, 2016

"How We Became A Country Where Campaign Signs And Bad Hair Days Cause "Trauma"

   This is ok.
 A second explanation can be found in my work on “concept creep.” In recent decades, several psychological concepts have undergone semantic inflation. The definitions of abuse, addiction, bullying, mental disorder and prejudice have all expanded to include a broad range of phenomena. This reflects a growing sensitivity to harm in Western societies. By broadening the reach of these concepts — recognizing emotional manipulation as abuse, the spreading of rumors as bullying and increasingly mild conditions as psychiatric problems — we identify more people as victims of harm. We express a well-intentioned unwillingness to accept things that were previously tolerated, but we also risk over-sensitivity: defining relatively innocuous phenomena as serious problems that require outside intervention. The expansion of the concept of trauma runs the same risk.
   I think liberals have to take the blame for a lot of this. Liberals tend to try to make us more sensitive and empathetic, but American liberalism seems to not understand that this can go too far. Or, if it does understand that it can go too far, it's wrong about the point at which it does go too far... In very many ways, the left long ago flipped from empathy to coddling. Conservatives tend to err in the other direction, of course. But erring either way is erring.


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