Saturday, July 02, 2016

Trendy Fallacies: The Fallacy Of The Continuum

   Understanding why this kind of reasoning is invalid would clear up a whole lot of trendy confusions, especially about race, "gender," and "social construction."*

*   (Note contemptuous "scare quotes"...hah! Buuuurn. Double burn because the PCs like to put the word 'race' in scare quotes to show that they don't believe in it...except they do believe in they will tell you... You must believe it's real, according to them! But...real because the idea of race has social consequences! Not because of the biological stuff shhh!  But if having social consequences makes something real, then Bigfoot is real. And witches. And UFOs. And, well, just about everything we've ever thought of...  Two seconds of thought shows that the following is false:  if the idea of x has social consequences, then x is real.  My God. Honestly, I don't know how people get through life if they can't see points like that... But anyway, see how I don't put 'race' in scare quotes? (Though I do scrupulously adhere to the use/mention distinction?) TRIPLE FREAKING BURN!!!!111)


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