Friday, July 15, 2016

The Dems Buy Into Lefty Neo-Lysenkoism and Enforcement of Groupthink: Call For Legal Investigation of Climate-Change Dissenters

   This is completely insane.
   This is actually the centerpiece of my antipathy toward the left: influential swaths of the left are deeply committed to thought-control. IMO liberals and Democrats are far too tolerant of the illiberal left, and, in fact, have gone over to the Dark Side in many ways (e.g. the DoJ's commitment to reading far-left theories of sexual assault and transgenderism into the law).
   I'm no friend of the anti-AGW crowd. (Though, honestly, I'm starting to have a bit of sympathy for them...). But more dangerous IMO is the idea of the Dems buying into far-left neo-Lysenkoism.
   (Oh and: don't miss the bit about that towering intellect Bill Nye The Science Guy toying with the idea of criminal charges and jail time for those who disagree with climate-change orthodoxy.)


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