Thursday, July 14, 2016

Report From Fox News Parallel Universe: ...And This All Could Have Been Avoided If Obama Had Just Said The Phrase 'Radical Islamic Terrorism'

(On the night of the Nice attack.)

Watched a couple of minutes of Hannity tonight. That's all I could stomach.
Man, you could cut the crazy with a knife.

   This "radical Islamic terrorism" nonsense that the right is exercised about... Well, of course the ODS crowd thinks that everything that Obama does is the opposite of right. And they are particularly adamant about it in this case. What a bunch of lunatics.

 So far as I can tell, this is something we could easily go either way on. It is radical Islamic terrorism, and there's something good about calling things what they are. OTOH, we all know who's doing this, and there are plausible practical/prudential reasons for being gentle with Muslims who are on the fence about the West. I typically err in the direction of calling spades spades... But there's plenty of people who are willing to do that in this case. I'm not convinced that the President absolutely has to be one of them. I trust his judgment. If he wants to pussy-foot around on this point, that's ok by me.
   Though I also want to say: if and only if we have fairly substantial reason to believe that pussy-footing around about this will have an appreciable practical payoff, it's permissible (but not obligatory) to do so. Otherwise, speak the truth in clear terms... So that's a little different...

   Oh and, on a similar note: Peter King was on Hannity acting as if it was patently obvious from the beginning that the only even vaguely reasonable course of action is massive numbers of boots on the ground. Everybody seems to have forgotten that there's no good course of action over there. There's simply no reason to believe that boots on the ground will be better. It'll just be different. But King & co. are way, way, way more interested in their real target, Obama, than they are in their secondary target, ISIL. Their point isn't so much that land action would be better as it is that we should always do the opposite of what Obama thinks we should.


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