Saturday, July 02, 2016

Real Peer Review: "The Inseparability of Ejaculation and Hegemonic Masculinity"

   Question: why do people think that the humanities and social sciences are full of shit?
   Answer: many reasons, some good, some bad... But one reason is: they are largely full of shit.
   Any discipline in which this kind of mumbo jumbo is commonly taken seriously doesn't deserve a place in the university. And there are quite a few disciplines in which this nonsense is commonly taken seriously. Look, I live in a discipline in which we sit around asking whether we're brains in vats. Something's got to be extremely and irredeemably idiotic before I want to shit-can it. But stuff like this is worse than nothing. It actually makes people dumber. It's a scandal that tax money is wasted on this bullshit, and it's a scandal that young minds are subjected to it, especially when it's crowding out valuable things they could be studying. Write whatever dumb-ass shit you want...but clogging up the curriculum with bullshit like this...hell, students would be better off--much, much better off--learning astrology. At least that might teach them some astronomy, maybe some math...and otherwise, it's unlikely to do them all that much harm.
   And this isn't a few isolated morons... We're talking whole disciplines...whole swaths of the humanities and social sciences and the panoply of x-studies pseudo-disciplines in between...taken over by this fatuous harebrained trash.


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