Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Penny Dreadful !!!

   JQ and I started watching Penny Dreadful, and are about halfway through the second season and really, really digging it.
   You've got to be willing to be social justiced every couple of episodes...shamelessly and eye-roll-inducingly social justiced, in fact. And the sex scenes...well...prepare for just the opposite of the ones you're probably looking least up to halfway through season 2...but hope springs eternal! In fact, even the sex scenes thus far have mostly been "social justice" (note: has nothing to do with actual justice) bludgeons... Needless to say, that kind of crap typically doesn't strengthen a show. At any rate, you have been warned...
   So anyway, except for the occasional social justicing and occasional infelicities with respect to dialog, it's pretty great. In fact, I say (on one viewing only part-way through the series) that the occasional small writing problems only stand out as they do because the writing is so often so good.
   Anyway, super-cool show thus far, but I hear that it's dead after three seasons, which makes me super sad.


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