Saturday, June 04, 2016

Referent of 'African-American' In Trump's "My African-American" Rejects Accusation That It Was Racist

   Nobody seems to be able to spit out a coherent story about why that was supposed to be horrific. Originally, my best guess was that 'African-American' is not normally what one hears in the context 'my x'. One relatively common value of x in that context is the n-bomb. So I thought that was what people were thinking. Then I realized that they weren't thinking any particular thing at all. Then Pete Mack suggested tokenism was the problem. Now we see that the more common suggestion seems to be the 'my' bit...  Which is just plain stupid, as Mr. Cheadle himself notes.
   This sort of thing is ridiculous, it's common on the left, and it's the kind of nonsense that's driving the Trump phenomenon. 


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