Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Obama, Yet Again, Shows That He May Just Be The Most Reasonable Person In Washington

   Jeez that guy is just. so. reasonable.
   JQ won't stop watching cable news all the time these days, and so I happened to see Sean Hannity's embarrassing, delusional froth-spewing meltdown about Obama's recent remarks just before she made me watch the video of Obama. It doesn't really make any sense to compare Obama to somebody like Hannity, of course... But I'd also seen Hew Hewitt and Charles Krauthammer talk their crazy talk earlier in the evening...my God, cable news is a cesspit... The sanctimonious liberals, the delusional conservatives....the misty-eyed, vapid CNN nonsense... But anyway...I know that Hewitt, Krauthammer and Hannity are entertainers...and morons to boot...but it was hard not to compare them to Obama's calm, intelligent reasonableness.
   Obama knows who we're fighting, and he's made that very clear.
   But...who is it, exactly, that Hannity, Krauthammer, Hewitt et al. are fighting?


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