Thursday, June 30, 2016

"Microaggression" Nonsense At Carolina

Coupla things:
   First, Carolina says this isn't policy, it's some kid of "research." My concern is that this sort of thing pervades universities, infecting them via several vectors. One way it gets entrenched is via low-level administrators. It shows up all over the place, in brochures, on posters, on websites, people start talking this way, it worms its way into their minds...and then it's a hop, skip and a jump to policy. It doesn't even really have to be if it's got a grip on hearts and minds.
   Second, it's most common to make fun of the 'micro-' part of "microaggression"...but the real problem is the '-aggression' part. The stuff listed is almost never a matter of any type of aggression. It's more like annoyance. At worst it's about someone being an asshole. But the actual examples aren't instances of aggressiveness.
   This is typical of the PCs / social justice activists: tactical exaggeration. It's not that some of the things they gesture at could be annoying or irksome. Others are harmless...but of course it's always possible to spin out some story about about theoretical bad intentions and possible hurt feelings.  The problem isn't that there's nothing there at all. The problem is that possible problems are misrepresented as probable problems, and annoyance is misrepresented as aggression.
   If PCs / SJWs didn't sit around obsessing about the motes in their neighbors' eyes, we wouldn't be plagued by this nonsense.


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