Wednesday, June 29, 2016

CDS: Benghazi

   Wow, that's weird--the GOP's latest Biggest Clinton Scandal Ever is still nothing. It started out bogus, it was bogus for two years, and it ends bogus. And it only cost the country $7 million! If, that is, you don't add in the cost of all the time wasted by legislators. On the bright side, I guess, it does provide fairly conclusive proof that the GOP is still batshit crazy and eaten up with CDS. And, of course, ODS. And, undoubtedly, XDS for any value of 'X' that secures the Democratic nomination any time in the foreseeable future.
   I really can't emphasize enough how easy it would be to lure me away from the Democrats... All it would take would be a minimally rational, semi-centrist conservative party. I'd be all ears.
   But the GOP is still crazy after all these years, and there's just no sign of that changing any time soon. In fact, we now have the old crazy--the kind that gave us BenghaziBenghaziBENGHAZI!!!!111--and the new crazy, the Trump crazy. The GOP has become an even bigger train wreck than it was...which a priori I would have thought impossible. They might still redeem themselves somewhat by dumping Trump and accepting the consequences...but I'm not optimistic.
   So we're stuck putting up with the Democratic crazy for the foreseeable future because it's our only option, notably less crazy--way, way less--than the other crazy.


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