Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Attack the Shooter

   I've said this many times. People get mad when I say it right after an incident like this, because they think it's a criticism of people who have recently died. But that isn't what I have in mind. I don't intend to criticize any actual person.
   But look: there is very little chance that one man with a semi-automatic AR-15 and a pistol could kill 50 people and wound 50 more if they were to immediately attack him. I'm not saying it's easy. I'm not saying I'm any braver than anyone in that Orlando club. I'm merely pointing out that, speaking collectively, there's a winning strategy and a losing strategy. A man with a single-shot pistol can kill a million people if they wait patiently for their demise. Problem is, of course, fighting back is not necessarily a winning strategy for an individual who has only his own survival as a goal. It's weird that so few people discuss, in these contexts, the fact that, for the good guys to win, selflessness is required.


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