Friday, June 03, 2016

Anti-Trump Protesters Continue To Ratchet Up The Violence

   The media finally seem more willing to attribute the violence to the anti-Trump side, and to denounce it. Though it seems almost impossible to deny/avoid at this point. I'd very much like to see what the reporting would look like if pro-Trump protesters were routinely acting this violently against Hillary supporters. Nazi analogies would be pouring from every quarter. One spetuagenerian Trump supporter sucker punching an anti-Trump protester seemed to initiate more media outrage than giant crowds of anti-Trump lunatics routinely rioting to deny people their First Amendment rights. Imagine the "violence against women" stories alone if the tables were turned.
   Honestly, I've got a right mind to get a "Make America Great Again" hat and go to a Trump rally. If the police won't stop these psychopaths, it's time for ordinary people to start kicking some ass even if they don't support Trump. This is a First Amendment issue. I really do wonder whether, were the violence reversed, states would be calling out the National Guard. It's actually appalling that they haven't. This is mass, orchestrated political violence, and it needs to be shut down immediately.


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