Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Transgender Bathroom Debate In A Nutshell

   God help us, even RedState is getting things right... Surely a sign of the apocalypse....
   Crazy intellectual life-forms evolve in the absence of predation. By meeting any effort to evaluate the aspiring left-wing orthodoxy on transgenderism with accusations of bigotry, "progressives" and the PC left have no one to blame but themselves. They've insisted on a doctrine that is obviously false, and they've shouted down efforts to point out even its most obvious absurdities. Now they're in too deep, and committed to the absurd claim that reasoning about the proto-orthodoxy is equivalent to bigotry.
   So now even RedState is kicking their asses, philosophically speaking.
  The chorus of brain-free left-dittoheads agreeing with Lofgren makes the whole thing even more repulsive.
  Thinking is bigotry
   Fictions are facts
   Oppression is emancipation


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