Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Three Plays That Will Haunt UNC

   Not going to complain about the officiating...well...not much...but even many neutral parties have admitted it was bad. Very, very bad.
   Here's a discussion of two of the worst calls--the blatant uncalled foul against Jackson at the end of the first half that turned a potential 9-point halftime lead into a 5 point lead (in an ultimately 3-point game), and the jaw-dropping play in the final 0:35, in which Booth (a) fouled Hicks with an elbow to the sternum (no call), (b) walked by sliding (no call), and (c) walked by changing his pivot foot (no call); Hicks then cleanly blocked Booth's shot...at which time there was (d) a foul call against Hicks. That one was hard to swallow with equanimity, ah tell you whut...
   And this doesn't even mention the arm bar by Hart against Jackson early in the game, and the attempt to make it look like a foul by Jackson...followed by a flop by Hart, who, having initiated and perpetrated it all, looked at the ref as if he'd just been the innocent victim... Hard to keep a good attitude about 'Nova after that bit of blatant bullshit...but...shit happens in basketball I guess.
   Ah, well.
   Go Tar Heels!  Hark the Sound!


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