Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Catfishing the Banner-Chasers

   The release of the amended NOA--in which men's basketball is never named--was sweet.
But this...this was perhaps even sweeter.
   GDTBATH...bad day to be an ABCer...
   The AFAM scandal is gut-wrenching if you're a Tar Heel... But four years, rabid State and Duke fans--backed by the N&O and CNN--have been spinning everything wildly to try to convince the world that the Dean Dome must be razed and the earth salted. I'm happy to see that their vindictive hopes raised so high and then dashed so mercilessly. This was something that was done to men's hoops, not done by men's hoops. Nyang'oro and Crowder were wrong, wrong, wrong to do what they did... But what they did was run shitty classes--classes that were available to all students. Shitty classes are available at every university. (Some more than others...) These were extreme examples of shitty classes, but the difference is one mostly of degree. If you want to hear my screed about the prevalence of shitty classes, I'll be happy to emit it. But it's a different topic. It's a much bigger problem than the UNC AFAM scandal..
   (Well...women's hoops is s special case...that all looks awful, and I'm not sure how that is all going to shake out. Women's hoops is probably toast, frankly...)
   Nobody in men's hoops, nor in football, knew what was going on in AFAM. There's a firewall between academics and athletics, and for good reasons. It's athletics' job to take what academics gives them without question. This is an academic scandal, SACS has already spoken, and has already hit Carolina hard. Men's hoops is an irresistible target to other fans...but that's sports hate that's mutated into actual hate talking. In fact, this just isn't a story about Carolina basketball.


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