Sunday, April 17, 2016

Backlash Against AAUP Title IX Report

I haven't even had a chance to read the whole AAUP report yet, so I can't speak to this. The AAUP is on what's basically the right side of this, and the new group--"Faculty Against Rape" if you can believe that name--is generally on the wrong side of it...despite, y'know, the name...  But who knows? FAR is probably just more PC / SJW lunatic pseudo-scholars pursuing a far-left activist agenda...but maybe not...
But this paragraph hardly instills confidence:
“The overall impression given by the report is that the Department of Education’s Office [for] Civil Rights is ‘overreaching’ in its mandated mission of providing guidance to universities and ‘abusing’ Title IX; this, despite the fact that there is broad underreporting of campus sexual assault by universities,” the letter says. “While we would ordinarily join with the AAUP in resisting the corporatization of institutions of higher learning, we are deeply concerned that the AAUP’s analysis of this issue as it pertains to Title IX, by pitting student concerns for campus safety against faculty interests, reinforces the symptoms instead of addresses the problem.”
The OCR does seem to be overreaching, so it's hardly a criticism of the report to say that it suggests overreach. Furthermore, it isn't clear that there is a "broad" under-reporting of sexual assault by universities. More to the point, such alleged under-reporting is in no way inconsistent with the claim that OCR is over-reaching. And then there's the gratuitous "corporatization" bit...not to mention the fact that there does seem to be a certain tension between "concerns for campus safety" and faculty interests...when "safety" is interpreted as broadly as the PCs have interpreted it.

One unfortunate point of agreement between the AAUP and FAR:
Faculty Against Rape says it does support the report’s recommendation for more funding for programs and departments that “analyze how sex, gender, power and advantage operate,”
That, in fact, is approximately the last thing we need. Such programs are the swamps that are largely responsible for producing the confusions in question. There's already way too much of it in universities, and it's largely far-left political activism masquerading as scholarship. We'd be a lot better off with a lot less of that nonsense. I'd be willing to pay twice as much to have half as much of it, honestly. soon as the semester is over, I supposed I'd better get to reading the rest of the AAUP report, at least...


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