Saturday, April 30, 2016

Actual Published "Scholarship": Pilates is Racist


Honestly, the stupid really is off the scale here. We make fun of this crap on the right--e.g. as it appears in creation "science"--but those people typically need dedicated journals to get published. The Journal of Dance Research may be laugh-inducing....but I'll bet it counts as a legitimate journal for...y' or whatever... And this is a fact about contemporary academia: there are all sorts of fields in which you can get published for producing sophomoric, free-associative. political bullshit masquerading as long as it's left-friendly. (Whiteness bad...gender...heteronormative...colonialism...privilege...take the buzzwords, mix and match, conclude oppression...voila! "Research"!)
(On the bright side, "phallogocentric" seems to have inexplicably fallen out of favor...)

(via /r/socialjusticeinaction)


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