Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Tale Of Two Pepper-Sprayings

   So I heard about this crap and decided to Google it. Two events:
1. Anti-Trump protester pepper-sprays a mother and her two daughters (eight and eleven).
2. Pro-Trump dude (not a protester per se) pepper-sprays a teenage girl...after she punched him. She later accused him of groping her first.
   The former act is obviously more outrageous...but it's being swamped by the latter in the news. So...any hypotheses about why that is? Anybody?  Anybody?
   Could it be the groping charge? Because you know that's false, right? I hope you don't have any doubt that that's just made up. I could be true...but it isn't. Or so I'd be willing to bet. False charges and other similar hoaxes are known tactics of the far left.
   So here's probably what happened: verbal altercation, anti-Trump protester punches Trump dude, someone pepper-sprays her. Meh. I'm not actually too upset by that...
   (...except insofar as I've wondered whether we'd eventually see a general lowering of the threshold for the use of nonlethal weapons...that's cause for concern... Though pepper-spraying someone is probably safer than punching them, actually.)
   Anyway...I'd certainly have thought that the unprovoked pepper-spraying of two little girls would capture more column-inches than the other case, which is plausibly characterized as self-defense. Just one case. But it's seemed to me that there's a general media bias against Trump and his bunch.
   Is this the place where I'm obligated to say, yet again, that I loathe Trumpo? Maybe I should just make that the blog header...


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