Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Obama At The Baseball Game After the Belgium Attacks

   Well, of course the rule on the right is: condemn everything Obama does, no matter what. And of course they're not happy about the Cuba business in particular. But it makes no damn sense at all to insist that he interrupt the first Presidential trip to Cuba since 1928--and since the Cuban revolution--because there was a terrorist attack in Belgium.
   Worse, however, are the calls for more damn "boots on the ground"...not because of a massive wave of terrorist attacks...and not because of attacks here...but because of one (admittedly awful) attack in Belgium. Of course there's a confluence of GOP inclinations here: always push for the opposite of what Obama does and always push for more war (except when a genuinely humanitarian mission is at issue). I'm all for kicking ass when it's clearly the right thing to do.  But--at least from where I'm standing in non-expert-land--there's no very good reason at all to think that going back in is going to be any better at all than staying the hell out. And if it's not clear we should go in, we should stay out.
   Jesus, to hear the GOP tell it, Obama at the ball game is worse than Dubya and 9/11...which is no surprise, of course, since they basically think that somehow doesn't count in any way...or, rather, it mysteriously counts as "keeping us safe"...


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