Monday, March 14, 2016

Left-Wing Protesters Driving Voters to Trump?

   Well, here's one poll that says yes.
   I already think the protesters are likely to drive people to Trump...but I'd never accept that conclusion on the basis of this single, convenient poll result...
(But...I will accept my own crackpot hunches???  WTH kind of sense does that make? Jeez what's up with me?)
   Since orthodox moonbattery doesn't believe we have a right to free speech, they probably can't be swayed by appeals thereto...  But we don't know how many of the protesters were relatively orthodox moonbats...  Actual liberals are still committed to the the right to freedom of expression... Though I sometimes wonder whether we're a vanishing breed...
   But even moonbats probably care about consequences. So even they should care that they are more likely to help Trump than hurt him...right?  RIGHT?
   I see that lots of folks on cable news are trying to blame Trump for the actions of the protesters. Unless I'm missing something, that's the patentest bullshit. Trumps a stupid bullshit artist...but he's got a right to speak, his campaign paid for the venue, and he didn't make the protesters do what they did. Valuing free speech is easy when you agree with what's being said. Didn't any of these people have, like, 7th grade civics class?
   I've got to say, the crackpot anti-Trump rhetoric and the systematic disruption of his rallies is...well, it's on the verge of making even me marginally less anti-Trump. There's a whole lot of ways to rationally criticize that asshat. And if you want to work against him, or try to reason his supporters away from him, then do those things. But unfair criticisms and disruption of his campaign events is just bullshit, as it would be against anyone else.


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