Saturday, March 05, 2016

Friedersdorf: The Glaring Evidence That Free Speech Is Threatened On Campus

   Speech codes are direct threats to free speech per se...but there are other, related problems that might be even bigger. Even if we ignore unconstitutional restrictions on speech, the left is--obviously--working very hard to create social norms that impede the free exchange of ideas by "shaming" anyone who disagrees with their theories. Since (as John McWhorter notes) accusing someone of racism is now rather like accusing them of pedophilia, and since the PCs are willing to cry 'racism' at the mere mention of any politically incorrect position, this strategy is extremely effective.
   However, let me note again: the solution to this is to simply stand up to these psychopaths. Refuse to be  cowed, fight back hard, and be absolutely relentless in aggressively responding to false/irresponsible accusations of racism.  (Not to mention their other favorite all-purpose accusations: misogyny, "transphobia," etc.) One might be excused for being cowed by the Brown Shirts or the Klan I suppose...but here there almost never any actual threat of serious physical harm from pasty PC vegan gender studies majors. The PCs are powerful because others abet them through moral cowardice. Liberals in particular must stop defending the forces of illiberalism.


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