Monday, March 07, 2016

Feminist Climate Science: "...The Relationship Between Women and Ice"

   Your palm and your face will be on mutually intercepting courses if you read even a few paragraphs of this.
   To riff on a point by John McWhorter, this crap has become like a religion. You know how certain Christians won't shut up about Jesus? That's what these people are like with race and sex-or-"gender"...  It's got to be in's got to be everywhere...we're talking about the central concepts of their world-view...  I mean, race and sex are fairly important things. You'd have to really, really, really, really obsessed with them to exaggerate their importance...and yet, the post-post-modern PCs manage to do so...and not by a little...
   There's some chatter about this being a Sokal-type hoax...but who can tell anymore? The po-po-mos have gone way beyond the point at which it's even possible to satirize them anymore.
[Link to allegedly actual abstract]


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