Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Emory Students Weep, Claim They are Unsafe, Demand President Respond To "Trump 2016" Chalked On Sidewalks

This is hilarious.
I mean...it's also sad and pathetic and embarrassing and just plain dumb as a goddamn sack of particularly dumb hammers...
But it's also hilarious.
The expressions on the students' faces...my God... Behold, the safest and richest and most over-privileged quasi-children who have ever existed. If they had to deal with the normal adversity of normal lives, I'm afraid it might kill them.
What an embarrassment to everyone involved that we've produced such people.
Note that they asked the president of Emory to send out an e-mail denouncing Trump and his supporters on campus, and he refused. Sadly, according to the article, he then seemed to back off of that decision.
Incidentally, apparently one of the messages said: "Trump: Accept the Inevitable" or something like that. My guess is that there's about a 50/50 chance that this is a "false flag" incident, and the lefties did that themselves to give them and excuse for these political histrionics.

[And don't miss:  "Faculty are supporting this speech by not ending it."  There's PC logic for ya...]

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