Saturday, March 12, 2016

Drum: Who Will The Public Blame For The Violence At Trump Rallies?

Drum doesn't say what he thinks about where the actual fault lies.
   Actually, a lot depends on the morality and legality of disrupting political rallies. I've been semi-supposing that rallies are cases where ordinary time, place and manner restrictions prohibit interference...but as I've tried to make clear, I don't actually know. It's begun to seem to me that our informal policy is something like: you've got a right to have rallies, and I've got a right to show up and object to them a bit, so long as that doesn't get out of hand. I come in, shout my peace, security leads me out, you proceed with your rally. Not a clean system but a pretty good one.
   Guess I'll have to actually look this up...


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