Thursday, January 07, 2016

Mass Sexual Assaults In Germany On NYE; Groups of Arab and N. African Immigrants Implicated

This is horrible, and instructive.
   The story, as I can piece it together thus far: large groups of men sexually assaulted scores of women in Cologne and other German cities on New Year's Eve. The gangs seem to have been composed primarily of Arab and North African men likely to be relatively recent immigrants. Sometimes the sexual assaults were at least in part distractions to facilitate muggings/pocket-pickings. There seems to have been at least one rape. The German media then seems to have suppressed the story, apparently because of the race of the perpetrators. This may have been motivated by political correctness, or out of fear of fanning flames on the far right, or both. The mayor of Cologne then made some peculiar claims about a "code of conduct" for women, e.g. staying out of reach of unknown males. This may have just been prudential advice, but it sounded a bit like something more...something on a trajectory at the end of which lies put on a burka...  Now, the latter is, of course, insane...but even the former runs afoul of the PC fad of the last 2+ years according to which any advice whatsoever about how to avoid sexual victimization is "victim-blaming." (The PCs have even said that women taking self-defense classes is immoral, because they are allegedly then just basically passing victimization along to someone else. The only permissible response to rape is social engineering, of course...) As kind of footnote, several threads on the topic were then apparently deleted from Reddit (/r/worldnews), allegedly by lefty mods, for transparently fallacious reasons.
   The sexual assaults themselves are one problem, and one that chatterers on the web can't do much about. What we might be able to do, though, is fight back against efforts by the illiberal left to control thought by controlling information. Liberals--and I'd say that still includes me, despite my exasperation with liberals of late--tend to be too forgiving of extremism on the left. That really has to stop. PCs are not liberals. In fact PC is, in its pure forms, at least as opposed to liberalism as is conservatism. It's time for actual liberals to stop making excuses for that madness. The rational response to racism is not turning it on its head and making special excuses on the basis of race--if, indeed, that is even what happened. At this point, it's too soon to tell exactly what was going on.

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