Thursday, January 28, 2016

GOP Shitshow / Trumpo's Clown Show

   Democracy is really starting to frighten me.
   Though without Trumpo--and now that the universal Republican loathing of Cruz is no longer even thinly disguised--the main debate seems less crazy. Also no Fiorina going on about rebuilding the 7th Cavalry or whatever. Rand Paul is pretty sane about a lot of things. Jeb...God help me, I'd make a deal with the GOP right now that I'd vote for Jeb if they'd nominate him. I'll take Dubya's brother if it means a guarantee that neither Trump nor Cruz gets anywhere near the White House... Rubio sounds nutty, but I'm hoping that he's just trying to sound crazy because he looks like he's twelve and he know that Republicans won't take anybody seriously if they're not crazy...
   And speaking of Fiorina and the the hell is Jim Gilmore still in this? He's terrible at it.
   Johnny Quest turned on like five minutes of the clown show, but when that guy is on a roll, I just can't listen to him. He makes no sense in the most obnoxious possible way.
   Well...once again I find myself in the terrifying position of realizing that--God help us--the Democrats are our only hope...


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