Thursday, January 28, 2016

American Society for the Protection of Philosophers

This is not a joke.
   Well...not a joke in the sense of: something intentionally humorous.
   The Daily Nous, when I do foolishly look at it, makes me worry--rather a lot--about the profession... I used to complain about Leiter...but he has become a comparative voice of reason on the philosoweb. I try to ignore the personalities and politics of the pop-profession...but it's getting harder to ignore the signs that PC craziness has infected it. The comments are often largely sane. So that's a source of some comfort.
   I'm sorry that Yancy is getting harassed. That sucks. He seems like a well-meaning fellow. What he wrote for the Times wasn't good and wasn't right...but that's not really relevant. Obviously he shouldn't be hassled for it. But the idea that we need some kind of committee like this strikes me as ludicrous. Almost as ludicrous as this bit:
(I’m suggesting that this be an umbrella committee and then depending on need, it can divide later to specifically address other magnets for hate, besides race, e.g., gender.)
Sooo...we wouldn't want to just start out--even if we did want to do this--with a body that would help out any philosopher hassled for expressing any unpopular philosophical view? Rather, we'd start right off focusing on the race and "gender" of the philosopher?  
   Yeah...that makes exactly no sense at all.
   But that's the kind of thing I'm talking about.


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