Monday, November 23, 2015

Trump: Muslims Celebrate 9/11; Protester Roughed Up

   Everybody needs to reflect on the fact that this guy is seriously being considered for the office of the President of the United States.
   As for the protester: it should probably be said that you can't--or at least I can't--actually see any punches thrown in the video, and certainly no kicks. Blue-checked-shirt guy keeps posing as if he's going to throw down...but what I can see after watching the thing about ten times is consistent with the protester merely being wrestled to the ground. Which is, of course, still bad...but different. I saw reports of punches and kicks, and obviously such reports constitute evidence. But I couldn't prove it by the video. What are the laws with respect to disrupting such events, anyway? Can you physically remove people? There are legitimate time, place and manner restrictions on speech, of course...but I have little idea what they're like...  I'm trying to give Trump and his groupies the benefit of the doubt here...
   It's worth noting that the protester's name is awesome: Mercutio Southhall. I am extremely envious.
   Anyway. Looks like Carson is imploding. Which means it's time to start worrying about Trump again.


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