Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Mizzou Prof. Melissa Click Who Directed Harassment of Journalist Is a JMU Grad

Well that's just great.
"Retail marketing" (uh...that's a major?) and (wait for it...) women's studies.
Not exactly hard to believe that latter one...

   Click has apologized.
   People indeed do things that are out of character. And to err is human.
Thing is, I just don't believe that what we saw in the video is plausibly a one-off error. We know that totalitarian...or at least quasi-totalitarian...leftist ideas have a home in universities, and, in particular, in certain disciplines. Both communications and women's studies are departments in which such things are known to be reasonably common. I hope I'm not being vindictive when I say that I'm inclined to think that a professor directing students to assault another student--who is exercising his constitutional rights--for political reasons deserves more than a slap on the wrist. If a conservative did anything analogous, academicians across the country would have burst into flames by now. (If you could find a professor on a major university campus who is as far to the right as Click seems to be to the left... Something I rather doubt...)
   I'm rather inclined to believe that legal action should be brought against Click et al.--all the students who harassed and (in some sense) assaulted the journalist and all the faculty and staff who were directly involved. Were I running the show at Mizzou, I'd start trying to get rid of Click immediately. The faculty might rally around her--but I'd force them to at least make that decision.
   I am rather strongly inclined--right now anyway--to think that this should not be taken lightly.


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